2005-04-20 memo [長年日記]

_ sub title

Left figure where business divisions have come to the high level is assumed to be idea A. Right figure where resouces have come to the high level is assumede to be idea B.

_ Tokyo Team would like to choose idea B.

There is two reason for it.

The first reason, we are not making the support of workstations according to bussiness division. so, we don't want to divide desktop OU in response to division. The second reason, I think categorizing by resouse is more satable than by bussiness division.

_ Of cource, We are able to select idea A.

but we need to make Global Markets OU. It's not as same as other regions. ohter regions make FI and Eqt. More lower level structure can be as same as other regions, but it isn't clear to be similar.

_ If some regions choose idea A and other regions choose idea B, does any issue happen? I think regional and local infrastructure ou level desing standard is more important.

_ yesterday I said "I want to make mail objects OU at a higher level".

I want to explain that again. In Tokyo, Global Markets division are moving to Global Desktop Environment. Other divisions( Corporate, IBD, Research and Retail ) will be in current Active Directory Environment. I think we have to create these divisions

contacts at new AD. but it is hard and not significant to categolize strictly. These contacts will be created and maintenanced by a batch program.

I want to distinguish contacts created by program and by manual.

so I want to make this OU at a higher level.

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